Technical & Service

The working purpose of the after-sales service department

Customers buying products sold by our company are only the beginning of contact with our company and the beginning of the after-sales service department. During the entire period of the customer using the machine, all our after-sales service personnel provide thoughtful, meticulous, enthusiastic and timely service , Allowing customers to use the equipment easily and without worries, can truly experience the convenience and value created by our products for customers.

After-sales service principle

1.Respond to customer calls in a timely manner, take the initiative to provide on-site service, and quickly deal with problems that occur during product use.

2.During the warranty period, free maintenance is a replacement caused by the quality of the new product itself. Our company provides quick replacement for free.

3.Deal with quality disputes in accordance with the law, be honest and trustworthy, and fulfill promises.


1.According to customer needs, provide you with the best design plan, professional information to guide the purchase of products;

2.Professional installation, debugging, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment;

3.The factory products are of high quality and reliability;

4.When the product is used by the user, if a quality problem is found, the user will reply within 24 hours after receiving the users notice, or send a service person to deal with it;

5.Various products, strictly implement the system of user supervision and in-factory acceptance;

6.The company has a one-year warranty for the factory products, and provides you with high-quality services for life; telephone return visits and tracking services make you more comfortable to use;

7.Guarantee to provide maintenance spare parts, and provide maintenance services according to user requirements.