Where are Thin Section Bearings being used?


Due to its high precision, thin wall, quiet operation and strong carrying capacity, thin-section ball bearing has incomparable superiority compared with ordinary bearings, so it is also used in many industries, especially in aviation. Aerospace, military, medical and other requirements are relatively high, and the equipment with small size and light weight has been widely used.

The thin-section bearing also solves the problem that the conventional bearing can't solve. It also realizes the section of the extremely thin bearing, and realizes the miniaturization and light weight of the product. Because of this advantage, the diversity of the thin-section ball bearing is achieved. , expands its scope of use. Precision thin-section ball bearings are also very different in the performance of the bearings. In order to obtain low friction torque, high rigidity and excellent rotation accuracy of the bearings, the outer diameter of the steel balls is smaller than other types of bearings. In order to ensure the weight and wiring space of the thin ball bearing, the hollow shaft is also applied to the thin bearing.